6 Easy Ways How to reduce data usage on your smartphones

6 Easy Ways How to reduce data usage on your smartphones

Internet has become an integral part of our lives; even if we start an argument on it to negate the statement. Today, one cannot imagine one’s life without internet which lets us communicate with the web world.

Every single phone is now data connected either via Wi-fi or internet data plan. People out there, are busy with their phones scrolling down through the pages of their social media accounts, downloading stuffs, playing games, watching streamed videos and using n number apps available in the digital market.

Now everything on this earth has its merits and demerits. So along with the benefit of having the world of information at your fingertips, you should also have a check on the data usage. With that statement, you might be thinking how is it possible since your everyday life has almost been ceased within your mobile phone and internet itself.

6 Easy Ways How to reduce data usage on your smartphones

When the monthly bills of your phone arrives, the total amount to be paid is hugely derived from the internet data usage. And you start wondering how nondetachable your life has become to the internet.

So here’s a deal! Check out some of the easy ways to reduce data usage giving a break on your huge monthly bills.

1. Data in Disguise

If you have observed, sometimes your window pane shows a down arrow symbol. Do you know what that stands for? The tech savvy folks have a good knowledge and they do avoid it. But how about the non-tech savvy people. The down arrow symbol indicates of downloading or upgrading of apps. Even updation of apps on your smartphone uses your data plan and eats up your memory as well. Check the settings and select the option of download or upgrade or update only when Wi-Fi is available.  

2. Be on Wi-Fi

  1. Try being under the umbrella of free internet of Wi-Fi. Be it your home or office or malls or cafes, these days you will get Wi-Fi tower easily. It’s available almost everywhere even the public services like Railway stations and airports. So do get the habit of switching off your mobile data when you’re under the boon of free Wi-Fi. Get yourself a Wi-Fi router when you’re at home, if you haven’t got one yet. Apart from providing fast internet service, it works awesomely on all the devices like desktop, laptop, smartphones, tablets, at the same time and is a huge money saver.

3. Browse via Chrome or Opera Mini

Get Google Chrome or Opera Mini as your default internet browser on your smartphone which works efficiently. Chrome helps in compressing the website, even before you check them out on your smartphone. The default browser that your smartphone has, consumes much time on opening a website, resulting in consumption of more data and memory as well. 

4. Useful Apps

There are various kinds and n number of apps available, which attracts you to download them with their different features. And you will find people who are fond of these apps. They keep on downloading and deleting them from time to time. Does this benefit you anyway? It simply increases your data usage and memory. Keep your smartphone junk free and have those apps which you actually use.  

5. Video Streaming

The biggest data consumer is videos. While the video or a song gets streamed, a huge amount of data gets consumed in a matter of minutes. Yes! There are few videos or songs that you fall in love with and find yourself watching them time and again, so why not download it? Downloading is like a onetime investment, where you don’t have to waste your time and data plan behind the streaming services. Think about it! 

6. Updating of Apps

Another unimportant and big consumer of data is autoupdation of your current apps. To avoid this, you can easily check out the settings and select auto update when on Wi-Fi. This actually avoids the unexpected autoupdation  and saves a lot of money at the end of the month. As mentioned earlier, keep your phone junk free from those unused and non-required apps. 

Try taking these points in account and make them useful to reduce data usage. And majorly don’t let your hard-earned money vanish in the thin air of the virtual world. Save it! 

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